Terms & Conditions of Carriage

1. All email contact regarding bookings should be addressed to info@magic-transfers.com.

2. Unless otherwise agreed Magic Transfers (SARL Alpine Magic) will accept no responsibility for emails or telephone calls regarding bookings, made to any other contact other than those of Magic Transfers.

3. The booking form requires the identification of a ‘Lead Passenger’. Where the booking is for more than one person, the Lead Passenger will act as agent and main person for communication for all other persons in the party and accepts on their behalf all of the terms and conditions of Magic Transfers.
4. Full acceptance of the Magic Transfers price, for the service requested is assumed at the time of booking. Magic Transfers will produce written confirmation of the details regarding the booking, sent by email following payment.
5. If a booking is made by telephone, it is accepted that the client has agreed that the booking is bound by the Terms and Conditions of Magic Transfers. These terms and conditions are published on our website.
6. All fares that appear on the Magic Transfers website/booking system, and prices quoted via email or telephone by a Magic Transfers representative or employee, are subject to change without notice until full payment for a booking is received by Magic Transfers.
7. The price paid by a client when booking an airport transfer is subject to change if there are any fare changes necessary after the booking has been made and payment has been received. Magic Transfers will produce written confirmation of these changes by email. If the client does not want to accept the fare change, then he/she is free to cancel the booking and will be automatically refunded within 5 working days, refunds are subject to administrative fees. No refunds will be given for cancellations within 48hrs of travel.
8. An airport transfer booking is not fully confirmed until the client has received by email the aforementioned written confirmation. If the client does not receive written confirmation by email then the transfer booking is considered invalid. This may occur due to an online technical fault, due to misinformation given by the client, or due to various other problems. The client should contact Magic Transfers immediately if after 24 hours from making a booking they do not have their written email confirmation.
9. Magic Transfers will only schedule airport transfers when full confirmation by email for the airport transfer booking, has been received by the client.
10. In the event that Magic Transfers book third part supplied services. It is accepted by the client that the terms and conditions of Carriage for Magic Transfers still apply.
11. The confirmation of booking email, that clients receive from Magic Transfers is their ticket and must be presented to the driver if requested.
12. It is the full responsibility of the client to ensure that all details and information including accurate mobile telephone numbers provided on their booking form are correct. Magic Transfers accepts no responsibility for incorrect information that results in either delay for collections in resort or missed flights, the inability to contact a client or any other situation that could arise because of the provision of the wrong details or information.
13. The destination and collection addresses given on your booking form are the only addresses that you will be dropped off and collected from. Should you wish to change these details, this must be done in writing by email directly to the Magic Transfers office a minimum of 3 days prior to the booked date of transfer. The changes will NOT take effect until after you have received your confirmation of the changes. Should you be unable to provide any details of your drop off, collection or accommodation, you will be dropped off at the nearest tourist office in your resort whether it is open or closed.
14. It is the responsibility of the client to give full details of their accommodation destination when making the booking and to be aware of the location at the resort. The driver may know where a specific accommodation is and in this case will take you straight there but the driver is under no obligation to have the information beforehand. However in the case that neither the client or the driver knows where it is, the driver will drive around for 10 minutes trying to find it after which time there will be no choice but to drop you at the nearest tourist office in the resort (whether it is open or closed). It is strongly advised that the client bring with them a map that details the location to avoid this situation. Clients may wish to note that maps are usually supplied by or can be requested from accommodation operators when making your booking.
15. In winter clients who have booked a shared transfer arriving between 09.00hrs and 18.00hrs agree to wait for anything up to approx. 60mins after they have come through from the baggage hall into the airport arrivals area. In the summer the wait can be around 2 hours. In any case where, due to unforeseen circumstances, it is expected the wait might be longer than this, Magic Transfers will keep the client informed at all times and if necessary will make every effort to fulfil the transfer by alternative arrangements as quickly as possible. Clients who book a priority shared service should find that their waiting time will be kept to an absolute minimum.
16. Clients who book a private transfer will be met in the arrivals hall by their driver 10 minutes after their planes scheduled land time which they have provided on their booking. In the events of any adverse circumstances that affect this Magic Transfers will keep clients informed.
17. It is the company practice to arrange shared & priority shared return transfer pickups from resort to the airport at between 3.5 and 5hrs prior to the client’s stated flight departure time. For a private transfer pickups to the airport are around 4hrs prior to the client’s stated flight departure time. These times are set to ensure we fulfil our duty to do everything we can within our control to ensure the client reaches the airport in good time for their flight. Magic Transfers will take no responsibility for any lateness incurred as a result of a client being late for a pick up or asking for a later pickup time or any circumstances out of the control of Magic Transfers.
18. The client may request specific pick up or drop off times at the airport that don’t coincide with any flight times. This must be with the prior arrangement and agreement with Magic Transfers. Collection times for private and shared transfers as detailed above.
19. Magic Transfers will only collect from the Swiss side of Geneva airport at the arrivals area. Clients who arrive on the French side of the airport agree to make their own way over to the Swiss side arrivals for collection by the driver.
20. Very occasionally and exceptionally, it might be necessary to transfers passengers to another vehicle at a safe location. If this has to happen the reason will be fully explained.
21. Client’s luggage must be clearly labelled with the owner’s name and destination address. Clients are limited to two items of luggage each (one piece of hand baggage and one piece of hold luggage) and one ski, snowboard or bike bag. Please be aware, if you have a snowboard bag, which also doubles as a suitcase, then you may be asked to unpack it, as they don’t usually fit in the vehicles. Similarly, a bike bag/box must be of standard dimensions, which require both wheels to be removed and packed within the bag. If this is not the case clients may be asked to unpack the bag/box to make it fit into the vehicle. If your luggage requirements exceed this then please discuss this with us during the booking process and secure our agreement for this. We will always attempt to meet your needs if at all possible. All luggage’s must be declared on the booking form. In the case of any luggage not detailed and confirmed Magic Transfers may refuse to transport the items.
22. Whilst all of our vehicles are insured for passenger and third party claims and every care is taken, client’s property is carried entirely at their own risk therefore no liability will be accepted for loss or damage. Clients are advised to ensure their travel insurance covers this.
23. Magic Transfers reserves the right, and delegates to its drivers the right, to refuse transport to anyone who is, or appears to be, under the influence of alcohol or drugs or to anyone who behaves in a manner that in any way threatens the safety or comfort of either the driver, other clients, or the safety of the vehicle. In such circumstances the decision of Magic Transfers will be final and no refund will be given.
24. Clients who soil the interior of the vehicle in any way will be liable for an on the spot fine of 50 euro. If the client refuses to pay, or has no money with which to pay, then a 50.00 euros valet cleaning fee will be taken on the credit card which was used to pay the airport transfer. If this is not possible then action will be taken against the Lead Passenger at the address given. Should such an incident occur Magic Transfers reserve the right to cancel any further bookings the individual or party may have and in these circumstances no refund will be given.
25. Parents, or the responsible adult aged over 18, who are responsible for minors under the age of 18, are responsible for the conduct of the minors while in Magic Transfers vehicles. They will be held responsible for any damage or problems caused by them. Any dispute regarding this will be taken up with the Lead Passenger and if necessary further action may follow to the address of the Lead Passenger as given on the booking form.
26. Any damage caused by clients to any Magic Transfers vehicle or property must be paid for immediately. If payment cannot, or will not, be made then Magic Transfers will be forced to take legal action against the Lead Passenger at the address given. If such an incident should occur Magic Transfers reserves the right to cancel any further bookings made by the individual or party and no refund will be given.
27. Clients are not allowed to take any alcoholic drinks on to our vehicles for the purpose of consuming them whilst in the vehicle. This is strictly illegal.
28. There is no smoking in any of Magic Transfers vehicles.
29. Magic Transfers will take every reasonable measure to make sure that our vehicles arrive and depart on time. Magic Transfers will not accept any liabilities in the event of any delay due to causes outwith its control.
30. Magic Transfers will take every care to transport our clients to and from their destinations with comfort and convenience. However, from time to time circumstances beyond our control may prevent this from happening. Below are examples of circumstances, which are not within our control. This list is not exhaustive.
• accidents causing delays to the vehicle
• exceptional or severe weather conditions
• compliance with requests from the police
• deaths and accidents on the road
• vandalism and terrorism
• unforeseen traffic delays
• industrial action by third parties
• problems caused by other customers
• the vehicle being held or delayed by a police officer or government official
• Force Majeure (war, civil unrest, terrorism, acts of god, etc)
• other circumstances affecting passenger safety
30. If Magic Transfers fails to fulfil its transfer obligation for any reason within its control Magic Transfers will provide as soon as possible, an alternative means of transfer such as: a private car, another minibus, train or taxi etc. Any reimbursement made by Magic Transfers for any transport cost incurred by the client to get to the destination given on their booking sheet will be no more than the cost of a taxi to that destination.
31. For pickups other than flight arrivals (such as resort pickups) if the client or any one of a booked party is not at the specified collection point at the correct time and Magic Transfers have not been notified and agreed to a change in good time beforehand, the driver is under no obligation to wait. A wait could delay other pickups or transfers. If Magic Transfers has been informed and a change in pick up time is confirmed, then in the case of shared transfers the driver will only wait a maximum of five minutes after the advised pick up time and in the case of private transfers will wait ten minutes. The driver’s decision is final and Magic Transfers accepts no liability in respect of the late clients and no refunds will be given.
32. In the event that Magic Transfers are unable to reach the agreed collection point due to adverse weather or road conditions, the client(s) should attempt to make their way to a suitable, safe collection point. Magic Transfers will assist with advice throughout and will make every effort to give clients advance warning whenever possible. However if any such event should result in a delay for the following drop off or collection then those clients may be required to wait for the next transfer to their destination. These circumstances will be dealt with at the discretion of Magic Transfers on a transfer by transfer basis, and any compensation for such events will be at the discretion of Magic Transfers. Clients are advised to ensure that they have adequate holiday/travel insurance.
33. In the event of delayed arrival flights clients must make every effort to contact Magic Transfers and notify us immediately of the delay. Clients must understand that if the delay is substantial, the allocated vehicle and driver may have to leave the airport to fulfil other commitments. In this event the clients will be accommodated on the next available transfer to their destination. If there is no following transfer to that resort within a reasonable amount of time then Magic Transfers will assist in arranging an alternative transfer as soon as possible, with the clients consent. Any additional costs will be borne by the client and appropriate paperwork will be given at the time to the client by Magic Transfers to assist with any insurance claims the client may wish to pursue. If the delay is to be more than 60 minutes and if Magic Transfers are notified of the new arrival time for the delayed flight prior, to leaving resort to go to the airport, every effort will be made to fit the new arrival time into the vehicle’s schedule if at all possible. Any additional costs to facilitate these changes will be the responsibility of the client.
34. If you are booked on a shared transfer service going from Geneva airport to resort, and your flight is cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled arrival time and you notify us of your new arrival details well in advance, then you will be placed on the first available transfer (for your changed arrival time) going to your destination. This may involve a slightly longer wait than was previously detailed for shared transfers. Failure to notify us of the cancellation or your new details well in advance, will mean that Magic Transfers will attempt to provide your original transfer as booked. However, as we would not be able to find you in the airport we will assume that you have not travelled, and you will need to rebook with Magic Transfers or make your own alternative travel arrangements, at your own expense. However, your return journey will still be valid
35. If you are booked on a private transfer going from Geneva airport to resort, and your flight is cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled arrival time and you notify us of your new arrival details well in advance, then you will be met at the airport by our representative and transported directly to resort, with no waiting time, provided the resources are available. If the change in flight requires Magic Transfers to obtain a third party supplier then the client is responsible for any additional costs. Failure to notify us of the cancellation or your new details well in advance, will mean that Magic Transfers will attempt to provide your original transfer as booked. However, as we would not be able to find you in the airport we will assume that you have not travelled, and you will need to rebook with Magic Transfers or make your own alternative travel arrangements, at your own expense. However, your return journey will still be valid.
36. For arrival flights delayed by more than 60 minutes, or if you fail to notify us of a delay well in advance, we cannot guarantee that a Magic Transfers representative will be able to meet you directly at the airport upon arrival, and you may be subject to waiting time until a vehicle becomes available and your transfer can depart. In extreme cases, this could be the following day.
37. If a flight is delayed by more than 90 minutes from its scheduled arrival time, and it is possible for the booked Private Transfer service to wait for you within that days transfer schedule, then we reserve the right to charge a supplement of 20.00 euros per each extra hour (or part thereof) for any booking for up to 8 passengers, or 40.00 euros per each extra hour (or part thereof) for any booking for 9 – 16 passengers. Where possible we will endeavour to waive this charge, but this is entirely at our discretion. In those circumstances where it is necessary to enforce the charge then it is payable directly to your driver. Where possible, you may opt to join a shared transfer, at no extra charge, if there is one leaving the airport sooner than a private vehicle becoming available.
38. If you are delayed and do not wish to wait for a vehicle to become available and you decide to make your own alternative travel arrangements we will not refund the money paid for your original transfer or contribute towards any alternative travel costs you incur. We will however on request, provide you with a written statement, as to why any additional costs were incurred, which you may be able to use to make a claim on your travel insurance.
39. In the case of a missed or delayed flight, or the loss or damage to luggage etc, which causes a client to miss their transfer or incur waiting charges then Magic Transfers will provide the appropriate statements to assist you in making any insurance claims for any additional costs arising from such circumstances.
40. In cases of extreme circumstances outwith Magic Transfers control, Magic Transfers may have no choice but to look into alternative transport methods for their clients. This will only be the case if there is a substantial risk to the safety of the driver and the clients undertaking the journey. This decision will be made solely by the management of Magic Transfers and will be final. Any additional costs will be borne by the client but Magic Transfers will assist with any appropriate paper work clients may need for claims on their insurance.
41. Clients may request a child seat or booster seat which Magic Transfers will provide free of charge. The seats provided by Magic Transfers will meet at least the minimum standard required by French Law. It is the responsibility of the client to give accurate details and Magic Transfers will take no responsibility should it be thought an inappropriate seat has been provided. If the client is unsure then it is recommended they bring their own child seat with them.
42. Clients are entitled to cancel their ticket by email. Cancellations must be made at least 14 days prior to the date of travel and clients must have received confirmation of the cancellation. Any refund is solely at the discretion of Magic Transfers and in any case will be subject to administrative and bank charges. Where bookings have not been cancelled or clients do not take up their booking no refund will be given. If payment was to be made upon arrival the full transfer cost will be invoiced to the named Lead Passenger on the booking form and legal action may follow if the invoice remains unpaid.
43. Magic Transfers will only be liable for any reasonable and foreseeable consequential loses arising directly out of a breach of contract.
44. Clients are strongly advised to ensure they have appropriate travel/holiday insurance. As previously mentioned, circumstances causing delays or missed flights can happen and Magic Transfers cannot and will not be held liable for any related costs. Magic Transfers will provide any appropriate supporting declarations to clients to assist with any insurance claims made as a result of this. In circumstances where Magic Transfers are proven to be negligent, the clients will be given discounts against any future services. This will be decided solely at the discretion of the management of Magic Transfers.
45. Nothing affects the client’s statutory rights.
46. Any dispute between Magic Transfers and a third party which cannot be solved through mutual agreement, will be referred to a mediator. However, should this be unsuccessful, the matter will be referred to formal litigation
47. Magic Transfers reserve the right to refuse travel to any client found to be in breach of these terms and conditions of carriage.