Priority Shared Airport Transfer

Our priority shared transfers are a door to door service with minimal (no more than half an hour) waiting time at the airport for other clients. You have the priority and we will not wait if other clients are seriously delayed.

Priority shared transfers are available from the 15th December until the 7thApril and for flight arrivals between 7am and 9pm then departing resort 5.00am and 9.00pm.

All  priority shared transfers involve sharing a vehicle with other customers who have similar flight times and is going to the same, or a nearby resort. As a priority shared transfer client you will have priority all the way. You will be the first to be dropped off in your resort(where ever geographically possible) and you will be the last to be collected on departure.

A priority shared transfer involves minimal waiting at the airport for other customers.

The rules defining the waiting time for the different types of shared transfers are described below.  However, in all cases if a flight is delayed by more than one-hour then the customer will have to wait for the next available transfer, which could be on the next day if no further shared transfers are available.

Pick-up times for departures are set by Magic Transfers and we send an SMS message with the exact pick up time the day before they are due to leave. If the pickup time is within the allowed time window (described below) then these are not flexible and cannot be changed – if a customer wishes to choose their pick up time, they must book a Private Transfer.

  • All transfers are door to door
  • Minimal waiting at the airport for other clients – Approx. 30 minutes after you have cleared the baggage hall.
  • Pick up times for departures are between 3.5 to 5 hours before the scheduled flight departure time.

Book low cost priority shared airport transfers to Chatel with Magic Transfers. Transport company licensed and insured in France.